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Simulation Modelling & Scheduling Technologies

Why Simulation Modelling


System Design

  • Work Flow
  • Resource Sizing
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Bottleneck Identification
  • Starved or Blocked System Resources

Improvement Initiatives

  • Testing ‘What If’ Scenarios
  • Will it Work?
  • Best ‘Bang for Buck’
  • Release Latent Capacity


  • Stochastic Analysis
  • Real life knock on effects of variation in arrival and process rates
  • Multiple replications test best, worst and expected system performance
  • Capacity analysis through incremental throughputs

Our Work

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What our customers say


We used Kinetic Management’s simulation modelling to assess different packing line weight control strategies to determine the rules that gave best yield while still meeting legal requirements and customer expectations.The software proved to be enormously flexible and adaptable to various environments. Some of the most useful features include the animated modelling scenarios, which make it simple to ‘see’ your process in action and to present your findings in a digestible format. The model can continue to be used over time to run or change settings, giving the product a long shelf-life and real use long after its original creation.I’d recommend the system as a vital tool to anyone interested in best practices and preventive action, as well as management with a focus on strategic thinking and planning. Mike Meijer | Project Manager

The Arena Software model of our despatch operation allowed us to assess in less than an hour, the likely outcomes of decisions which in real life would have taken a number of days to trial.With a large number of possible mixes and up to 250 trucks loaded per day, our plant and process is complex to model. Despite this, Kinetic Management was able to come to grips with the business and our key issues, producing for us a robust model which was accurate and efficient. John Tohill | Operations Manager | Ballance Agri-Nutrients Limited

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